How to chat with a girl

How to chat with a girl? If this question bothers you then here are some general guidelines how to do it. Chatting with a girl always difficult, but it can be even more intimidating when you are asking for a date. Thankfully, there are many versatile platforms that allows you to share photos, discover more about other people interests, and interact with tenm. By using messages, you can deepen your connection and start a lasting conversation.

1. Talk about mutual interests

Chances are you want to talk to this girl on Facebook because there’s something you like about her. Talk about your mutual interests to connect with her on a deeper level.

  • You could say, “I saw you’re wearing a Ramones T-shirt in your profile photo. I love them too. What’s your favorite album?”

2. Ask her about herself

Most people enjoy talking about themselves, and everyone appreciates a good listener. Ask the girl questions to get to know her better.

3. Asking Friendly Questions

Check out her profile for things she likes. Look for places she’s been, bands, movies, or sports she likes, or foods she enjoys. Think about questions you could ask about her different interests, like “I’ve never been to Italy! What was your favorite city?” or “I’m not a huge baseball fan, but maybe you can talk me into it.”
Keep your tone light and friendly. If you’re starting a conversation for the first time, begin with a friendly greeting. You could say, “Hey, this is a little random, but I saw you posted a picture from Yosemite and I’ve been wanting to go for forever! How was it?”
Avoid asking anything too personal.

4. Keep conversations on the shorter side

 In the beginning, it may make sense to keep Messenger conversations shorter rather than longer. A conversation that goes on and on may feel uncomfortable to her if you don’t know each other well. Get to know one another gradually over multiple messages to build friendship in a natural way.

5. Use a conversation starter

Conversation starters are open-ended questions that allow you to get to know someone better. These don’t have to be particularly loaded or customized. They are just to break the ice. If you’ve been writing on each other’s Facebook wall posts already, you could even follow up on something she’s posted about.

Quick Conversation Starter Tips

Keep it simple: Start off with an easy, relaxed greeting, like “Hey, what’s up?” Then she can decide how much she wants to say in response, which lets her feel comfortable and in control.
See what she’s posted recently. Check her wall to see if she’s been up to anything that you could talk about, like seeing a popular movie or taking a cool vacation. For example, you could say, “I don’t even like country music, but that concert looked really fun!”
More conversation starters: “I haven’t seen you in so long. How’ve you been?”
“So, what are you up to this weekend?”
“I need a movie recommendation! What have you seen lately?”

How to chat with a girl- more tips

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